Euro Heavy Haulage

Service makes the Difference.

The Story

Euro Heavy Haulage was founded back in 2016 by two friends, Gamer5 and RadioJay.

They had been playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 for multiple years before starting EHH, and had been in Virtual Companies before, but they felt something was, missing. And it was then, that EHH was born.

Meet the team behind EHH, from Management to Media

The Team


Some of our extraordinary photos taken by our highly trained Media Team

What we offer

Why choose EHHVTC?


A fun and friendly community of drivers, and management with one thing in common. A love for simulation!


We pride ourselves on being highly active in the community, whether that be attending, or running events.


We offer our most active members all sorts of prizes and rewards. Our truck models, skins, and steam gift cards.

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