A sub department of EHHVTC - EHH Media

At EHH Media we provide multiple different services, of course all focused around Media.

We have a highly trained, and skilled team who work together to provide quality productions, every time.

Our main skillset includes photo, video and graphic work, but we're always up for a challenge!

Our work has been widely recognised within the community, including official recognition from ProMods.

Video work

At EHH Media, we have a team of specialist video producers using signature techniques and styles to make an eye-catching, engaging video product.

We've worked with multiple events over the years, including Blue Eyes, Haulage 64, Clara's Dream and Drive for Life to name a few.

We pride ourselves on quality, our motto is "quality productions every time", and we stand by that at all costs.

Photography work

Our main area of work, also where we began, is photography.

We currently have three fully trained photographers in the team who provide high quality photos at events, for promotional use, or competitions.

We all work together, and provide feedback on eachother's work, which is why we are such a close-knit team, and we can provide the quality which we do.

Graphics work

Graphics work is something we work very hard on, as we know that good graphics can make, or indeed break the project, graphics are almost always featured in any media piece, so our graphics team is always involved, producing bits and pieces for other productions.

We have two trained graphic designers, with another currently in the training and examination process.


We always publish all of our productions over on our EHH Media website which can be found at media.ehhvtc.com

However, here's some of our best pieces for you to view now

Haulage 64 Review Video

Blue Eyes 2019 Review Video

EHH Media
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