Welcome to Euro Heavy Haulage

Are you interested in becoming a Euro Heavy Haulage Driver?

Joining us will open your eyes to what a Virtual Trucking Company can achieve. Hard work, commitment and dedication is what has made us become what we are today. We want to provide you, as a Driver, with the best experience possible.
We want you to feel apart of our trucking family.

What we require from you

- Must have an accessible Discord account.
- Must own a Steam authenticated version of ETS2 (ATS is optional)
- Must be 16 years of age, or older. (We may negotiate based on maturity level)
- Must have an understanding of the English language.
- Must be able to install and run our tracker.
- Must have 100+ hours or more in ETS2.
- Must provide any TMP bans upon request when reviewing your application.


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What happens Next?

1. Application

Firstly you must fill out our application form. This with require
discord authentication, so make sure you’re logged into your main
discord account. Simply fill out all the necessary required information
in the correct format as requested. Be sure to connect to our Discord
Server, a link is provided at the end.

2. Application Reviewal

If we like what we see, and we think you’re eligible to join Euro Heavy
Haulage, we will accept the application. If we accept it, our Discord
Panel bot will message you. However, hold tight, this doesn’t mean
you’re apart of the Company just yet.

We will assign you some roles and get you ready for a driving test.
We want to make sure your driving is up to our standards. This is to
make sure you’ll represent us in a good manner whilst on the roads.

3. Driving Test

It will be up to you and one of our Examiners to decide on a time,
date and location to carry out this driving exam. It won’t take too
long, just a short little trip down the road, however, be sure to take
these tips, it will help you during the Exam.

- Obey all traffic laws. (Red Lights, Speed Limits)
- Use indicators when required.
- Lane Management (Be sure to stay within your lane)
- Be polite to the Examiner or staff member.
- Be respectful to others on the roads.

4. Stand By

After you’ve completed the exam, we will take a few minutes to decide
if your driving is up to our standards. We will take into account what
you’re driving with, Wheel, controller, mouse or keyboard. If everything
checks out from your application, background check and driving.
You will most likely be accepted into our Trucking Family.

Does EHH sound like the company for you?

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